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Am feeling a bit burned out this week from work, so perhaps not my best work. still, I think there’s a solid base here that could get fleshed out into a decent story. It would need a lot of work though. Original challenge can be found here.


This week’s challenge is to stick the landing on what three people did previous. I chose Wasteland more or less at random, but am glad I did.

Angela Cavanaugh started it and Kristian Thoroughgood brought it to Part II. Poor Dick was my setup man, and here we are to finish it  If you click on the aforementioned author’s names, you’ll be able to read part one and two of the story on Angela’s and Kristian’s wordpress blogs, respectively. I’m including the entire text, start to fin, below. Mine begins at Part 4. (more…)

I just finished writing the main segment of Burned Lands, a twelve part serial story for Dark Futures.

The idea was simple enough: write three chapters of around 2.5k words each. Each chapter would be told from a first person point of view, but after three chapters the viewpoint would change to a different character. Then, after all is said and done, compile the whole shebang and put it out there for sale.

What could be easier? (more…)