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A challenge posted to me from Writer’s Carnival: The challenge was as follows: “You’re the proud new parent(s) of a little bundle of joy, only you discover after the first night home that your baby is growing at a phenomenal rate.  In fact, by the next morning, he or she is already looking and acting like a three month old.  You know nobody has swapped the child out because you’ve been up the whole night feeding her.  By the end of the week, your child is a full-on toddler.  You’re too afraid to go to the authorities, so what happens next? Where do you go and what’s going on?  No more than 1,500 words.”



My response to the Chuck Wendig challenge this week. My words were a pile of napkins, a blue punch card, a dark potion, a broom, a small machine, a hardhat, a flashlight, a diploma. It’s a weird sci-fi/fantasy/mashup. Probably wouldn’t be too bad with a bit more polish.


Life Just Ain’t the Same

Posted: July 13, 2014 in Fiction

This was a challenge piece over at Writer’s Carnival I did. The only stipulations was that it had to start with the line “My life will never be the same” and be under 500 words. Hit the mark on both of those.

Warning: Language and content some might find objectionable. 


The Island

Posted: July 9, 2014 in Fiction
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A response to a prompt where the main character has survived a plane crash and believes he’s the sole inhabitant of an island… or is he?



A different flash piece. The challenge was to use rubber duck, blind donkey, and scarecrow all in the same piece. 500 words or less. This is what I ended up with.