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This week’s challenge is to stick the landing on what three people did previous. I chose Wasteland more or less at random, but am glad I did.

Angela Cavanaugh started it and Kristian Thoroughgood brought it to Part II. Poor Dick was my setup man, and here we are to finish it  If you click on the aforementioned author’s names, you’ll be able to read part one and two of the story on Angela’s and Kristian’s wordpress blogs, respectively. I’m including the entire text, start to fin, below. Mine begins at Part 4. (more…)

Right, so if week one was to write the first part, and week two is to write the second part, guess what this week is?

Poorerdick started it. Alice Keyes continued it. I’m the setup man for the closer. This was a different kind of piece for me to work with, and I’m not entirely sure I did it justice. I felt there needed to be more conflict somehow, some indecision to set up the meaningful choice. Anyway, I am including both Part 1 and 2 here as well, but my piece kicks up with 3. I will note that the first author included some additional background material on how the story might go. I chose to not read it, and see where pantsing got me. All errors for part three remain my own.

I do so hope someone takes it home.


So this week is a bit different. The idea is to write just the first part of a story, and three different people will continue it in the following weeks. Here’s my offering, which I do so dearly hope someone picks up and carries on. It is a a bit shy of the 1,000 word recommended limit, but I think it still works well as an opening. I’ll be sure to keep this post updated if someone else decides to keep it going.