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Part One is here.

Part Two is here.

So here is part three of “No Honor Among Thieves,” my fantasy piece revolving around thieves in the city of Milieux. This is also it for me for the blog as far as fiction goes until December at the earliest. I’ll (probably) post updates on how the NaNoWriMo project is going, but I’ll be picking up Serpent’s Map and No Honor Among Thieves in December.

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So this is part three to a scary story and where the rubber meets the road so to speak.

Part I is here:

Part II is there:

Many thanks to Jemima Pett and Kim Blades for the setup.


This is my continuation to a chain story (and this week’s Chuck Wendig Challenge). And yes, I don’t write much horror, can’t you tell?

Here’s where you can find part I:


This week’s challenge, write part 1 (of 3) of a spooky story. So this is all atmosphere and set-up for what’s to come. Not too scary, yet, but hopefully enough meat on the bones for someone to come along and flesh it out.


Ugh… this took much longer to get done than I would have liked. Something something something about not getting into the right groove. This is the muddled middle after all, trying to present characters with meaningful choice and trying to get them to act instead of simply react.

Anyway, this is the continued adventures of the soldier Graciano, the physician Viktoria, and the “poor honest sailor” Ramiro who have recently escaped captivity and are pondering on how to get home. While on an island. Without a boat.

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