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Right, who let this site languish for months at a time? Oh, guess that would be me then, wouldn’t it?

Anyway, the short of it is I have brand new novel* now available for preorder from the fine folk at Fahrenheit Press. Best description? It’s a love letter to a future that never was, the cyberpunk dystopian dreams of the 1980s. Think Blade Runner and AKIRA, with more than a bit of Gibson’s Sprawl and Sterling’s neon and rain soaked city streets.

Ain’t that a slick cover?

This started as a NaNoWriMo project of all things, way back in 2016. There were more than a few times where I thought it wouldn’t go much further than a couple of friends and myself, stuffed into a folder on whatever laptop I was using at the time, accumulating dust. On a lark, I sent it to Fahrenheit Press, figuring the worst that would happen is that they’d laugh at me and tell me “No.” Mind you, this was before I collaborated with them on the Ramones Anthology I helped them out with last summer. I mean, sure Fahrenheit is known for gritty crime and noir with the occasional thriller. But cyberpunk? No one was going to touch that kind of throwback, right?

Happy to say I was dead wrong.

It’s a pulpy, action filled book that I’d like to say keeps its eyes firmly on the characters and less on the tech. It’s the kind of book that I want to hook you and not let you go, and yeah, going to say it goes with my stripped down style.

You can preorder the book here and it is coming in paperback, ebook, and a limited edition hardback edition. Release date is 2/25/22.

*Yes, it is a little weird talking about a book I finished a first draft of back in 2016 as “new,” but welcome to publishing folks.