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This week’s challenge– take three sentences from the plethora found here and work them into a story. And so I give you another sword&sorcery tale, though the emphasis most definitely is on the sword and not the sorcery in this piece.

My three sentences:

  1. “Why do we waste our lives on the quarrels of old men?” he asked. – shaks
  2. “The only thing I know is bad men die old.” – jkflickinger
  3. He tried to get up, but her boot pressed his face deeper into the muck.- Matthew @ThewtheSlightly

So thanks to them! I did decide to revisit an old setting, Milieux, which in many ways is my tribute to Lankhmar. Gray and company are new characters, so I’d love to hear if you’d like to see more of them. As always, comments are appreciated.


This week’s challenge. I’m going to admit I cheated a bit and wrote a story I could then fit into the blender, because the first story I wrote went way over the limit. By more than 3,000 words. It’s possible it’ll see daylight at some point, but I’ve decided to hold on to it for the moment, see if I can get feedback on it and get it out somewhere published. Oh, and it was Gothic Sword&Sorcery tale.

So you  get this instead. Which I’m calling Weird West Shapeshifter. With some body horror and Creature Feature thrown in. Very B-movie, I know. As always, your likes and comments are appreciated and valued.


This week’s challenge (after having been on hiatus for a bit) is to work a vacation theme into the story. I went for a nearish future kind of piece that ended up a lot less action-y and a lot more talk-y than I perhaps intended. As always, comments are welcome.