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The Psychonaut (Book One of the Psychonaut Trilogy)
by Tom Adams
Writing in Starlight

Occult societies. Global conspiracies. Multiple worlds.

Yeah, I’d say this book is right in my sweet spot.


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My response to this week’s challenge over at terribleminds. A couple of odd old characters that I decided to dust off, along with a setting that probably doesn’t work well in this kind of short format, so apologizes in advance to the readers who are flat out lost.


A simple enough challenge. Go to Use those characters in a story. My two:

  1. He’s a bisexual evil genius with a water pistol full of pee.
  2. She’s an orphaned barbarian from the wrong side of the tracks.

Ahem. Sorry for the lack of clever title this week.


This week’s Chuck Wending Challenge was to use a random image and use that as the basis of a story. Here’s what I came up with.

Image is by Mircea Marinescu.

(As always, comments are welcome and appreciated).


This week, pick a title and go! I’ve used Blake before in a bit of flash (“Nothing Like Getting Rained On“) though if I’m being honest this is more vignette than flash. Ah well, and so it goes. I think I’ll come back and flesh this out, give it a proper plot.