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You didn’t think I’d forgotten about this, did you? So yes, the continuing adventures of Graciano, Ramiro and Viktoria. When last we left our intrepid adventurers they were on board a ship, headed for the Serpent’s Archipelago. In their possession is a map, and unknown forces are after it as well. They’d been suddenly becalmed when pirates caught up to them. Surely this won’t end well.

As always, comments and feedback is welcome. If nothing else, I might pull these disparate posts together into something resembling an actual… well novel might be a tad ambitious, but surely a novella is within the realm of possibility.


This week’s challenge: must contain a map.

I opted to continue my story from last week, so it would probably help to read that one first. I’ve been in a swashbuckler kind of mood lately, and that’s helping scratch that particular itch. And yes, I know this ends with the promise of continuing on.