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New from Down & Out Books is ECR #7.

EconoClash Review #7 edited by J.D. Graves

Contains my short story “Death and the Mountain.” What happens when friends find themselves on opposite sides of a war? What happens when both happen to be the children of Gods? What happens when the burden of eternity proves too much?

Anyway, really happy that this story that I wrote back in the beforetime of 2019 gets to see the light of day.

Go on, treat yourself to a Quality Cheap Thrill.

A new noir piece of mine is up at The Dark City Crime and Mystery Magazine and is also available at Amazon in print and kindle. This is the second piece of mine they’ve published. The first can be found here.

I’d say its a departure for me, but well, my writing has been a bit all over the map recently. As for what I’m working on now, I’m part way through a short story featuring Ariadna. This would be the third story featuring her, the first two having appeared in Pulp Modern. It’s a no magic sword slinging adventure. I’ve also been chipping away at the Liam the Black novel. Hopefully I’ll be able to give progress updates as those happen.

This story was generated in response to an image prompt for a writing group I belong to on Facebook. Image link is here.

The story does feature one my favorite recurring characters, the veteran with a cybernetic arm, Tom. And where there’s Tom, there has to be Sunny.


This week’s challenge. Take that image and write a story around it. I went with the perhaps too obvious idea of faeries. Ahh well.


So this week was all about filth as a response to the brouhaha that exploded over the Clean Reader App. So the idea was to write about filth. Or filthily. Or filthily about filth.

The story after the cut contains bad words and violence. I suppose I could have worked sex into it as well, but in retrospect it is probably just as well I didn’t.