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Right, so this week’s challenge: click on a link, get a random phrase, incorporate that into a 1000 or so words. This piece could definitely be part of something longer, but I’m already over word count AND in the middle (3.5k words or so) of a longer piece I’m trying to develop. The phrase I was assigned is in bold within the story.

That said, I like Ewan, and, in fact have used him before. He’s the kind of character I really should do more with. Probably didn’t help (or hurt) that I’ve recently finished reading CASINO ROYALE.

As always, comments are welcome.


This week’s Chuck Wendig challenge. I decided to go with a Stale Beer in a Martini Glass sort of tale. I like Ewan (he was a character I used in a Spycraft game a few years back), and he’s the kind of character I’d like to come back to. Not sure what else I’d add here, so without further ado…

(Oh, if you are looking for a musical accompaniment, I recommend the following.