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This week’s Chuck Wendig challenge. I can’t say I love the title, and I’m not sure I quite did it justice. Where’s the delight? Where’s the mania? Well, at least there’s some lust, right? Anyway. This was my take (and about 200 words over the 1k limit). Contains some adult themes, but then what did you expect?


Old Debts

Posted: March 13, 2014 in Fiction, horror
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This week’s Chuck Wendig challenge. It’s actually shorter than the word limit accounted for. For my challenge, I needed to incorporate a faceless corpse and an infernal pact. Jeb Johnson previously appeared in my short story Deal with a Devil, which was a decidedly Weird West kind of tale. This is a bit different from that, but I liked the character enough to bring him back. Deal with a Devil can be found in the outstanding anthology Midnight Abyss.