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So this is awkward.

I wrote a novella. I decided to self-publish it. But it really does feel like I told very few people about it, and, let’s face it – the greatest book in the world isn’t going to get much traction if you don’t actually tell me that it is out there.

This started off as a NaNoWriMo project a couple of years back that didn’t quite make it to the full 50k. But I was okay with that. The story ended up being as long as the story needed to me, and that worked for me. What I ended up with was a nitro boosted urban fantasy tale with a heart and soul of pulp action (no surprise there, really). Anyway, the working title was “That Old Black Magic” which I was never sold on for a title, and those people (un)lucky enough to read early drafts liked the story well enough… just not the title. Anyway, titles were never my strong suit anyway (with possibly the exception of BROADSWORDS and BLASTERS), so I went with two things that featured prominently in this particular story.


BULLETS AND BLACK MAGIC features a thief-for-hire, Blake, who has more than a little magicial mojo backing up his plays. He steals a book for a client, the client ends up dead… and well, the plot doesn’t let up from there. It also features cultists, vampires, a blind tattooist, and Angelic magic. I more or less stuffed it all into a blender and hit puree. Interested yet? You should be. You can grab a copy of it here:

I almost didn’t make it in time for the challenge this week (working on another long form story, and having a hard time getting my head space in order. My mashup is supposed to be the spiritual child of DIRTY HARRY and THE WIRE.

Errm. Yeah, not in my usual wheelhouse, but maybe tangential to it. Without further ado, RENDER UNTO CAESAR.


This week’s CWC’s challenge¬†was to take someone else’s sentence and work it into a story. I ended up using Anthony Crociata’s “I finally step outside after three weeks of healing, thinking and plotting, the bullet still lodged somewhere in my gut.”

The result is more like Sandman Slim fanfic than an original story. Which is bad. But it is also 1000 words or so I hadn’t written last week. So that’s good.