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This week’s challenge– take three sentences from the plethora found here and work them into a story. And so I give you another sword&sorcery tale, though the emphasis most definitely is on the sword and not the sorcery in this piece.

My three sentences:

  1. “Why do we waste our lives on the quarrels of old men?” he asked. – shaks
  2. “The only thing I know is bad men die old.” – jkflickinger
  3. He tried to get up, but her boot pressed his face deeper into the muck.- Matthew @ThewtheSlightly

So thanks to them! I did decide to revisit an old setting, Milieux, which in many ways is my tribute to Lankhmar. Gray and company are new characters, so I’d love to hear if you’d like to see more of them. As always, comments are appreciated.


Okay, so last week I wrote Part I of what is supposed to be a four part story. and this week I pick someone elses’ and write a Part 2 (or what I like to refer to as the soggy middle). I went with Probably Falses’ start (which was untitled), and continue it below. For what it’s worth, as I write this, my Part I is, sadly, unclaimed.