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Cyberpunk Boxer


Something a bit different this week. I belong to a Cyberpunk Writers group over on facebook, and once a month they go with an image prompt. This is the one for November. Overall I like how it came out, a bit of backstory implied with the character, and someone I might come back to again, either as a protagonist or an antagonist. Anyway, hope you enjoy the piece and as always, comments are welcome.


This week’s challenge, take a title by someone else and turn it into a story. I went over by about 400 words on this one, but I think it’s worth it.

My title is courtesy of David Benson.


God help me, but this may very well be the most derivative thing I have ever written. Well, recently anyway.

Original challenge can be found here.

As always, comments are welcome and appreciated.


This week’s challenge was to take someone elses’ character (from this challenge) and write a story. Limit was 2,000 words. I went with about 1500. I’m reasonably sure the character went in a direction the original writer intended, but that’s part of the magic of this, isn’t it? anyway, been thinking about cyberpunk type characters for a bit, which is why I’m pretty sure this turned out the way it did.

Original character sketch can be found here. (more…)

This week’s challenge was a random title generated by picking from two lists. I ended up with STOLEN BULLETS. I opted to go ahead and set it in my BURNED LANDS setting. You don’t need any prior knowledge of it, other than that I refer to some of the characters from it.


This week’s challenge is to stick the landing on what three people did previous. I chose Wasteland more or less at random, but am glad I did.

Angela Cavanaugh started it and Kristian Thoroughgood brought it to Part II. Poor Dick was my setup man, and here we are to finish it  If you click on the aforementioned author’s names, you’ll be able to read part one and two of the story on Angela’s and Kristian’s wordpress blogs, respectively. I’m including the entire text, start to fin, below. Mine begins at Part 4. (more…)

This week’s Chuck Wendig Challenge was X Meets Y, and my task was to mash up Top Gun and Star Wars. Not in a parody, or pastiche kind of way, but taking elements from both to create something new. I can see this being a terrible b-movie playing at 2:00 am on some cable station. But maybe that’s just me.