God in Black Iron: A Review

Posted: October 6, 2020 in Uncategorized

Cameron gives his very biased opinion on “God in Black Iron and Other Stories.”

Mangled Latin

Look, let’s get one thing clear here. There’s no way I can be an impartial reviewer for this book. Matt Gomez is a longtime personal friend, and I’ve seen every one of these stories in their infancies, toddlerhoods, adolescences, and now in their full adult statuses. I’ve pushed and pulled at some of them because they were good but could have been better, marveled at how good they were even in rough drafts, and provided as much positive critical feedback as I thought I could do. For this to be anything other than a five-star review pushing my friend’s book like I’m trying to get Jimmy hooked on caps it would take an Act of Congress and a future of lifetime imprisonment. Even then I’d probably say “Fuck the police” and rate this thing five stars, trusting that he’d send me a file in a cake so that I could…

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