Pulp Consumption: Harry’s Quest by A.B. Patterson

Posted: March 11, 2019 in Uncategorized

Today Cameron talks about A.B Patterson’s novel HARRY’S QUEST.

Broadswords and Blasters

Pulp novelist AB Patterson recently released his second novel about private investigator Harry Kenmare, Harry’s Quest. The appropriately titled novel explores Harry’s quest to exact vengeance upon the pedophile murderers who tortured, raped, and killed Harry’s daughter, Orla, several years prior to the events of the novel. As you could imagine, having survived the tragedy has changed Harry. He’s a hard-drinking, debaucherous, middle-aged man with a distinct sense of justice that includes returning some depraved physical violence against the types of men and women who engage in pedophilia. I think most of us can sympathize with Harry’s innermost hatred of those kinds of perverts, and as such can root for Harry to succeed in his revenge.

Like most PIs in the literary world, Harry started as a cop, but eventually left. In most hard-boiled fiction it’s because of corruption and cover-ups that don’t jibe with the protagonist’s sense of morality…

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