Published Again! (And a bit of a contest)

Posted: August 14, 2014 in Publications
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Dark Futures Annual


Hey, look, I’m in another book! Yes, I already mentioned this on my social media feeds, but strangely, inexplicably, I forgot to mention it here.

I wrote a story months ago for a contest. The winner would be published in Dark Future’s first Annual Anthology. You might remember Dark Futures for being the place that’s serializing my Burned Lands arc (the final segment of part two goes live end of this month, and I’m picking away at the next segment).

Anyway, you can find the anthology here! Oh, and it features a character that is going to be the central character for the final quarter of Burned Lands.

The fun part of this anthology is that it features a couple of Midnight Abyss (the first anthology I was part of) alumni Doug Langille and Shaun Adams.

If you are interested in picking up other books that have featured my work, I can only recommend checking out either Peripheral Distortions or Midnight Abyss.

At some point, I do plan on putting a book out that is mine and mine alone. It will be my precious… yesss…. Ahem.

Err. That was awkward.

Here’s the part that might be decidedly more interesting:

Midnight Abyss has quite a few reviews on it. Peripheral Distortions and Dark Futures? Not so much. As in none. So here’s where it gets a bit more interesting. Be the first one to review either collection on Amazon and I’ll write you a short story (we’re talking 1k to 2k words here) in the genre of your choosing. Yes, I’m sure I’m opening myself up to a whole host of trouble by doing this. So, again, first person to review either collection gets a story. If you’re the first to review both, you get two stories to call your very own.  Heck, they don’t even have to be good reviews. I’d ask for a minimum of two sentences though.

So what do you say? Up to the challenge? Again, write a review, link to it in the comments below, get a free story. 

Midnight Abyss

Peripheral Distortions

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