Just a bit of fun

Posted: May 9, 2014 in Fiction
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“Ooh, ooh, I know. I’ll write about an evil twin!”

“Yawn. Boring.  Done. Very 19th Century.”

“What? What are you talking about?”

“Ever heard of doppelgangers?”

“I thought that was a D&D monster.”

“Buzzz. Wrong. Try again.”

“Okay, how about a dream sequence? And there’ll be cats! Lots of cats. Only, this time they’ll be good.”

“H.P. Lovecraft called. He wants his story back.”

“Fuck you. Uhm. Okay. How about this. A barbarian, only he’s not all Noble Savage and wants nice things. And, like instead of a loincloth he wears armor.”

“Done and done by Crom! Have you never read any Howard?”

“A master thief who also knows some magic?”


“A sickly prince of a decadent civilization?”


“An aged fighter, come back for one more fight?”

“You mean ‘Legend’ by David Gemmel?”

“Fine, fine. What do you think I should write?”

“No idea. But it’s fun to shoot your’s down.”

  1. Cameron says:

    This is a conversation that happens inside my own head fairly often.

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