Battle of the Bands

Posted: March 19, 2014 in Uncategorized

This was a challenge at the site. Write a short story using the words: baby, tissue, and metal. This is what I came up with. 

Battle of the Bands

“Oh baby, baby,” Wulf growled out a metal version of Britney’s hit from a couple of lifetimes ago. His black hair hung down in front of his face, lips curled in a sneer, as he stalked across the stage. Back stage, I saw Tiff, his girlfriend, wiping tears away from her eyes with a bit of tissue as she tried hard not to burst into laughter. The whole idea had been hers in the first place. I was starting to buy into the whole John/Yoko school of thought.

I powered through the simplistic chord progression, tried hard to look interested. I scanned the crowd as I played, a throng of high school students and chaperones who looked as bored as I thought. Finally, the song was done and we took our bows.

“That was great, baby,” Tiff said, snaking her arms around Wulf’s neck and pulling him down for a kiss. “You killed it.”

Yeah, yeah, like the rest of us weren’t out there too. I shared a meaningful look with Slade, the drummer, but he just rolled his eyes and shrugged.

“Thank you, thank you!” came the announcement from the stage. “That was the last band, and now we are ready to announce our winner!”

I bounced up and down on the balls of my feet. The prize was fifty bucks, and split three ways it wasn’t much, but maybe it would help get our name out there.

“And the winner is… Pretty Pretty Pony Princess!”

I groaned. Figured we’d lose to an all-girl band doing a pop version of “Nothing Else Matters.”


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