Word Metrics for March

Posted: March 4, 2014 in Uncategorized

So over on the sideboard there (on the left, no, your other left), I’ve added a word count and goal for the current major project.

Milieux is a novel concept I came up with three years ago (give or take) that I’m finally picking back up after a too long hiatus. To be fair, I’ve written quite a few other pieces in the interim, but this is the current big piece (aside from the novel currently languishing in editorial Hell). It has politics, duels, nobility, and the Fair Folk. It’s closer to low fantasy than high, with firm elements of sword and sorcery, and definitely more Lankhmar than Hyboria.

The word count maximum is somewhat arbitrary to be sure, but a solid goal is helpful with these things I find. If I go over, so much the better.

My more specific goal is 1000 words a day (excluding weekends). My long term goal is to get this novel in shape for publication (or at least in shape to be used for queries) sometime this year. Preferably before September. To be sure, this won’t be the only thing I’m working on this year. I’m on the hook with Dark Futures for 2500 words a month for 11 more months. I’ll be completing Chuck Wendig challenges. I’ll be blogging here and for Writer’s Carnival. I’ve got at least one other major side project sitting somewhere on the side burner. So yeah, pretty sure I’ll be busy this year.

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